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Looking to increase your revenue and business? We can send you live prospects with a high buying intent and exclusive to you!

Live Phone Calls

All forms of marketing is to make the phone ring to gain new business! Here at Ignite Rankings we send you live phone calls to be able to closes over the phone.

High Buyer Intent

When we turn on the switch and the calls start coming into your business, all prospects are looking for your business to solve their problem.

The Back Office

You will have access to login to our back office where you an listen to call recordings, see how many calls have come in, check your balance, monthly reports and go over our training to help close’s more calls.

Our Service Is Aimed At Sending You live Phone Calls From People Who Need Your Business Help Right Now!

Here at Ignite Rankings, we are always looking to partner up with companies that want to take their business to the next’s level and increase their reach in the market place.

Our goal is giving the business the end result which means a call! All marketing methods can take a lot of time, money and testing to see one call come in!  You need a lot of data, traffic & conversations to generate a call and this is why we decided offer our exclusive service Pay Per Call.

It allows the business owner to taking away the time, money and testing in their marketing by using our service to give you the end result! The phone call. This service is a great add on or replacement for PPC, Banner Ads, Social Media Ads, Networking Events & Email Marketing Solo Drops.

How does it works? It’s very simple, you tell us the type of customer you are looking  to call your business and we will go out and generate that call straight to your business! 

You will have access to your own back office where you can listen to all the calls coming in and monthly reports.

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